Day 57 – 27th May 2017

Still in London! My daughter having her lunch at the “StrEAT Life” food festival at Alexandra Palace (Ali Pali). A great atmosphere and wonderful weather – with hundreds of people sitting out in the park eating, drinking and relaxing in the sun. A fantastic day out!

Day 56 – 26th May 2017

We’re in London! After a very long drive from Carlisle (stuck in traffic most of the way), I haven’t had time to really think about a shot. So I’ve just quickly snapped a picture of my brother-in-laws front room, which is all still decorated from his son’s first birthday party.

Day 53 – 23rd May 2017

Light Painting. For this shot I used a slow shutter speed in a dark room and my head torch (which has both red and white light settings). It took a few attempts to get everything in the right place and I plan to use this image for an anniversary card for my wife