Day 103, 12th July 2017

Day 103, 12th July 2017.jpg
Day 103/365 – Sunset at Silloth, Cumbria, UK

I spent the afternoon and evening over at Silloth today. Considering it’s only about 30 minutes from Carlisle, I have never actually been before. What a mistake that has been, it’s a really lovely little town with some cracking views (I could even make out the Isle-of-Man in the distance)

After a good walk along the sea front, I settled into a corner and waited for the sunset and wow……I was not disappointed!

It was an amazing sunset. The hills in the picture are in Scotland, towards Dumfries I believe (according to a local photographer I was chatting to on the way back to my car).

I had the opportunity to practice with my new wide-angle lens before my holiday in a few weeks and I’m really enjoying putting it through its paces and experimenting as much as I can with it.

It was a late finish tonight, but a lovely way to spend an evening and I got some great shots to remember it by and it was really nice to have the time and the weather on my side for a change!

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