Day 106 – 15th July 2017

Day 106, 15th July 2017.jpg
Day 106/365 – Motion Blur

Hi Guys,

It’s the weekend at last – whoo hoo!!

And with the weekend comes time to take some pictures, catch-up on my blog and generally take some time organise my pictures and submit some work for assessment.

As many of you know, I am doing a photography course with the Institute of Photography at the moment (It’s a great course – I’d highly recommend it). My current assignment is called Mastering Shutter Speeds and the brief was to purposefully and creatively use different shutter speeds. I have submitted 5 photographs for assessment, including the one above.

My only regret with this assignment is that I would have liked to have had a go at star trails, but it wasn’t ment to be this time. That’s one for the winter perhaps when it gets dark a little earlier – I’m sure I’ll get a chance to try this before the end of Project 365!

So today’s picture was the last that I needed to take for my assignment and was taken at Whinlatter Pass in the Cumbrian Lake District. I love Whinlatter and there are some great mountain bike trails there – but today I left my mountain bike at home and took my camera instead. I couldn’t get onto the trails, but I could take some panning shots of cyclists heading back down the pass.

So, that’s my next assignment submitted, now just to wait for feedback…….fingers crossed!

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