Project 365 is Over, but the Blog Will Continue

Hi Guys,

Project 365 is over.

I have enjoyed aspects of it immensely, but work commitments have completely taken over and I am finding it harder and harder to take or make good or meaningful photography every day.

So, why have I come to this decision now?

Basically, I was reviewing my photo’s from the past week and getting them ready to up-load when I realised that there was not one picture that I was really happy with. I have been slowly realising for quite some time that I have been just going through the motion of taking one picture a day, but as I’m getting busier and busier (it’s not uncommon for me to work 13-14 hour days at the moment) I am finding it very difficult to make time for considered and planed out shots every day. Many of the pictures I have taken recently have been more what I would call “snaps” rather than an attempt at taking a good photo, just so that I have something to post – which is not good!

One of the things that project 365 has helped me with is finding out what styles of photography I enjoy. I have recently had a go at a few landscapes and I have really begun to enjoy thinking about and planning potential landscape pictures. This is an area of photography that I want to explore in more depth and detail.

So far on my photography journey, my favourite photographs have been the ones where I’ve taken the time to really research, plan and then spend perhaps several hours on location waiting to for things to come together. It hasn’t always worked, but when it does come together into a half decent shot, it is the most amazing buzz!

However, this research and planning is something that takes time and I would far rather spend an hour of my time researching a location or idea for a future picture, than trying to force a photograph for the sake of having something to up-load that day. I don’t feel that this is fair on either myself (as time is so tight at the moment) or on you – all those who are following my blog and Flickr account. The integrity of my pictures is suffering through the pressure of trying to up-load something every day.

But has project 365 been a waste of time?

Absolutely not, 100% no!

I have learned so much from this project, both about my photography and about myself. This might sound a little strange, but when I look back, I think I was a little afraid of my camera at the beginning – or more nervous of getting it out in public. I am a bit of an introvert at heart and pulling out my DSLR made me feel a bit self-conscious. But not anymore! I am never far from my camera and take it out everywhere I go. It has become a part of me and I feel lost without it close by.

I feel so much more confident in my photography now and far happier to give a shot a go and just see what happens. But I am finding now that, instead of helping me improve creatively, I am feeling constrained by releasing pictures that I’m not really very happy with. I would much rather release less but be happy with what I am producing.

So, now I’ve got that out of the way, what does the future hold for my blog?

I’m on holiday next week in the Austrian Alps. I’ll have time to get outside, hike, cycle, mountain bike and basically immerse myself in nature and the beauty of the Alps. I’ll have my camera bag with me and will be taking my wide angle, my 35mm prime (50mm equivalent on a full frame) and my kit zoom lenses. I’ve already set some time aside for photography and I’m so looking forward to being outside and immersing myself in the landscape……exciting!

Beyond that, I’m not sure yet. I have really enjoyed blogging, but feel my posts (much like many of my photographs to-date) have be rushed and un-inspired. So I will definitely continue to post. I would like to post less regularly, maybe once per week, but make each post count. I want to spend more time really planning my photography, taking deliberate pictures that I’m happy with and my blog will most probably become a means of documenting my journey in photography.

Most importantly, I want to get outside into the landscape I love and to only post the images that I’m happy with – no more dull and uninspired snaps!

So, project 365 might be dead in the water, but my photography is very much alive and I am really looking forward to moving on to the next challenge and pushing my photography forward!

A redesigned blog with a new focus (sorry, couldn’t resist) coming soon!

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